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Until the development of the UAV or Drone to do mobile Aerial surveillance was done by using a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft, while this achieves the desired result, it is also very costly.  
So a  more affordable traditional surveillance method is a stationary camera system, which can find to structure, handled manually or fixed upon a tripod.  
Now with the development of Drones with IR and Thermal capabilities its the best of both worlds but much more affordable.
Some areas where we can use our Drone services are s follows;
Oil and Gas
Prevention of pipeline sabotage.

Poaching is the illegal hunting, capturing, or killing of non-domestic animals, and is in direct contradiction to the Endangered Species Act.
Event Security
UAVs are instrumental in managing the critical facets of security & safety at major events

Perimeter Response | Ground Security 
UAVs provide a rapid response and fast "eyes on" to the target area with live updates control stations