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Services and Training

Jeremy Mullin is heading up our K-9 div. Jeremy is a decorated veteran with multiple combat tours. Jeremy trained and managed over 150 combat K9 teams. Ensured teams proficiency levels in both detection tasks such as scouting, area search, basic obedience, building search, controlled aggression and more. 

K9 Law enforcement officer trained in anti-terrorist measures, traffic interdiction, crime scene and evidence preservation as well as weapons cache searches and high value target missions.  

Spearheaded the integration of Military Working Dogs (MWD’s) into the Osan AB SWAT/ Tactical Neutralization Teams, greatly enhancing the detection capabilities in very high threat situations.

Nearly 2 decades of experience in: various canine training methodologies, canine psychology, military-police K9 and handler training, canine first aid, metabolic conditioning, team integration, tactical K9 operations/implementation and much more. 

We understand the importance of a solid training foundation, training dogs to be K9Strong through professional, combat tested and proven training methods.  

Jeremy K9Strong Training Center offers a variety of training services, customized to fit your specific needs.


In the unstable time we live in, with real threats and real danger, vigilance is paramount.  Canines have been used for centuries to protect/defend against such threats and are needed now more thanever.   Our protection program produces social and stable K9’s trained to recognize and respond to the threat, without hesitation or fear.  If you are in need of short term solution or a personal protection K9 for your family, we have you covered.  

Looking for a temporary solution, our teams can serve as force multiplier in any situation at any time.  

Services K9Strong Training Center specializes in various levels of behavior modification, including:

- Leash Training

- Excessive Barking

- Door Bolting

- Impulse Control

- Separation Anxiety

- Social Anxiety

- Dog Aggression

- Human Aggression

- Food Aggression

- Resource Guarding