Peace of mind during chaos.



Executive Protection

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the privilege of working with C D for one year. In my capacity as the Director for operations in the Southeastern United States, I have had the opportunity to observe his work first-hand. I have engaged his services in protective and investigative matters covering a wide variety of situations. He has performed well in both routine and in-extremis scenarios. He is particularly skilled in matters of close protection. His executive protection work during the violent 

protests in Charlotte during the summer was professional and skilled. The principles placed under his protection were always thoroughly protected, in spite of their need to maintain in proximity to the violence. His situational awareness and judgement made me comfortable, knowing that he had 

charge of the client’s valuable personnel. I would gladly work with him any environment.

Pipeline security

Dear Sir or Madam :

I am writing to recommend C. D. who I have known and personally worked side by side with for the past year, as a candidate for your consideration to meet your security needs. 

I met C.D. while working as security managers for the Pipeline, which was a $1.6 billion dollar construction project from North Dakota to Illinois. I first met C.D. when he was the Chief of Security on a priority 1 Drill Site known as 35-A. This was a drill site for the pipeline which went under the Mississippi River in the vicinity of the town of Keokuk, Iowa. 

C.D’s duties and responsibilities included, but were not limited to:

The supervision of 4 deputy security managers and the daily management of a guard force of over 60 individuals.

Ensuring the safety of over 40 pipeline employees while on the job site, performing the drilling under the Mississippi River.

Planning and executing an escort detail escorting work trucks and vehicles, preventing protesters from attacking the vehicles and halting work on the pipeline.

Maintaining a perimeter fence around the drill site, and ensuring no protestors breeched the security of the fence, therefore preventing work stoppages at the site. 

After the drilling was complete, C.D. continued to work and excel in the management of over 140 personel in their daily various security assignments in Iowa and South Dakota. 

During the time I have worked with C.D., I have found him to be the utmost professional in his chosen field. He has worked around the clock, without complaint and never shirked a task or duty assigned to him. I personally, would not hesitate and I highly recommend him and his company for any of your security needs.