Peace of mind during chaos.

Active Shooter

Do you know what to do if a shooting suddenly occurs at your workplace or if you are out in public at a mall?

Spear Group can come to your school, business, or place of worship look over your active shooter or emergency evacuation plan Identify your areas that need improvement. We will revise your plan then put a plan in action to train your staff for a higher level of response. 

To ensure everyone is working on same sheet of music, we will coordinate this training and new plan with your local L.E. and EMS.

Church Security

Spear Group will come to your place of Worship and provide a TVA (Threat and Vulnerabilty Assessment) on your current security infrastructure.

We will then work with your head of Security and based on our TVA suggest revisions that are  affordable and can be implemented quickly. 

If your staff is armed WE will set some time at the local range to ensure those who you have given your trust to carry a firearm, absolutely have the ability to use it properly.  

Firearm & Firearm Handling

Personal firearm training;

Too many hold the misconception that because they are armed they now hold an advantage over their suspected attacker/s. Without PROPER and continual training, carrying a weapon can be more a liability than a asset. 

Do you know how to properly handle a firearm?  Do you know the different type of holsters and which ones are best for different types of scenarios?  Which firearm best fits your hand?  When did you last train and what type of training did you do? Do you train in the dark with your light system?? 

Armed Security training;

Too many security companies will put an armed agent in the field with only a standard state requirement of pass or fail. 

SPEAR GROUP will not waiver regarding our qualification requirements to be armed on our assignments. We can set a training standard in place that will not just bring your agents to the next level, but change their mindset. 

Self Defense

 Do you know how to protect yourself if someone comes up from behind and grabs you in a chokehold?  What is the easiest way to get out of a chokehold?   Yes there are different techniques for men and women - what works for a 6'0" 250lb guy is not going to work for a 5'5" 135lb female.

Everyone wants to learn the way to get out of the above mentioned situations, and we can certainly teach you that.

But first we would prefer to teach you a better mindset and how not to get into those types of situations. 


Do you know how to prevent a medical emergency from becoming life threatening or becoming a fatality?  Do you have the basic first aid or CPR skills to save a family member or co-workers life?