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Workplace Violence

The Insurance Information Network reports that there are 650 homicides, 2 million assaults, and 6 million serious threats reported each year in the workplace, with two-thirds of the incidents preceded by behavioral red flags.

Because of the increase to workplace violence new litigation has made it clear that employers must provide and keep a safe workplace environment for their employees. Spear Group can provide highly trained security personnel that will provide the protection you need.  

When Terminating employees it is never pleasant and can present a challenge when the termination is due to suspected threats or indidual is suspected for aggressive behavior.


One of the biggest risks that management teams and human resources personnel face are the threats of violence following termination. Over Seventy percent of all workplace violence occur during or after the firing process. 

In order to maintain a peaceful and calm termination process. 

We can work with management and H.R. personnel  to help determine a strategy for employee termination.

We will work with the companies management staff, and H.R. personnel. Then coordinate with local L.E. and EMS on their response for any such response.

Spear Group will provide a security presence during the employee termination that is completely discrete and non confrontational. And if necessary Spear GROUP can escort the terminated employee from your facility in a completely discrete and non confrontational manner. We are also trained in de-escalation techniques, non-violent confrontation strategies. 

And if necessary we can also set a overwatch position for immediate response if necessary . 

When the terminated employee has given direct threats to company employee/s we can also provide a Surveillance team that will monitor the terminated employee 24/7 and If necessary set a security team at the employee/s residence that have been threatened. 

Once the process is complete we will meet with staff to evaluate the incident and make recommendations that can help minimize the risks of a workplace violence incident from occurring In the future.